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You have the goal, we have the plan.🤝

Meet TEZHLY: your AI-powered career mentor. Assist with your career development, resolve workplace challenges, and guide you through transitions. With TEZHLY, we do the hard things – you just need to show up.


The AI friend that won’t replace you, but instead make you better.

Meet the future of personalized professional development: an AI friend that's designed not to replace you, but to enhance your capabilities and elevate your career. This innovative tool stands as a testament to the harmonious synergy between human potential and artificial intelligence. It’s more than just a program; it’s a partnership where technology complements human ingenuity.

Our AI friend delves deep into understanding your unique career aspirations, skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. It acts as a mirror, reflecting not only where you are in your professional journey but also illuminating the paths you can take to reach new heights. Whether it's navigating through complex workplace dynamics, honing in on new skill sets, or transitioning to entirely new career horizons, this AI is your steadfast companion.

TEZHLY Upskilling

While we bake...explore our current learning programs

EdTech Program

Traditional jobs are diminishing.


TEZHLY specializes in professional reskilling, offering tailored programs for seamless transitions— whether you're new to the workforce, gaining experience, or an established professional. Elevate your skills for success in today's dynamic career landscape.

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